I swear that I planned on wearing sunglasses beforehand, but they proved helpful after unintentionally pulling an all-nighter on Monday. What else is there to do when you haven't slept properly in what feels like years, than to take photos of yourself. And because you want to try to fix your sleep routine, you continue to stay awake, and spend Tuesday evening trying to watch Cape Fear, but feeling too uncomfortable and passing out only to wake up four hours later. Because that's what I did. No one's perfect. At this point, I should start a new series titled "The Rarely Sleeping Because My Entire Body Itches Too Much Chronicles." Yeah, that would take off.

I did have fun taking these photos though. Something about sliding around on a hard floor (and not carpet, yay!) in tights and a minidress perks me right up. This new floor is giving me a new lease on life.