Ribbon As A Skinny Scarf

I look wrecked here. You already know my excuses.

Skinny scarves have been pretty prevalent for the last few months or so, and I've fallen for their charms. I'm sure a typical skinny scarf is thicker than this, but a ribbon does the trick well enough for me. It's a lot cheaper too. Y'know, that budget thing? I don't know if I'll ever actually buy a skinny scarf. Probably not honestly. I've used a coat belt and a ribbon, and I've got the waist tie of a maxi dress to wear if I want a pop of color. No, I'll probably never actually buy a skinny scarf.

Yesterday was the first day in what feels like ages that I was up before noon. It wasn't a big feat, it was literally right before noon, but it was progress, and the only day I was willing to allow myself the extra five hours of sleep. It's back to seven a.m. alarms, and I'm more excited than anyone I know about waking up that early. I miss mornings. That's what being unwell does to me. There's still a faint itch in some spots, but it's back to life for me. I'm so deeply sympathetic to anyone else with eczema. I had no idea it could get so bad.

Today is better though, and I'm off to take more photos and paint. It's nice.


  1. I have so, so much love for skinny chokers at the moment and so ribbon worn as a 'skinny scarf' sounds like a really fun twist on the trend! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. It's kind of a take on both. Thanks Gabrielle!


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