Goodbye May

(In hindsight, this is a stream-of-consciousness train wreck, and I'm sorry.)

Wow, I didn't set out to make all of these photos so damn dramatic, but it happened, and I think they perfectly sum up May. A lot of dramatic emotions for so many reasons, and a severe need for Summer to fly by as quickly as possible. There's been a lot of stress this month, and there's a lot of stress coming my way next month, and I'm just at the point where I'm trying to pretend it's not happening. I'll take my photos and paint and sit in my little cave, rocking back and forth, pretending the next few months aren't happening. I have a headache from thinking about it while writing this, and I know this is vague, because these problems are dumb personal problems that I don't want anyone to take the wrong way (and I just don't like Summer), but please know that I'm writing this out in my mind with so much sarcasm that it isn't even that negative. You know the whole seasonal depression thing that happens to so many people during Winter? That's me in Summer, and it just gets worse the older I get. It's miserable, but I'm trying to cover up my discomfort with sarcastic humor that just isn't translating.

Anyway. May was alright otherwise. It honestly just flew by, and I'm not even bothered. The beginning of June might actually kill me, but there's a chance something (someone) pretty exciting could come by the end of it, so I guess that makes the month worth it. Just someone get me through the next couple of weeks, please. Buy me drinks or something, give me work, anything. Let the rest of the Summer fly by this quickly. I'll be more positive in the next post.

The Size Issue

It's difficult to make people (who don't follow me on Polyvore) believe that I genuinely do have nice taste, when I'm back wearing the same clothes for the third Summer in a row. It's a issue. Case in point: these pants. I really want to get rid of them, but I have nothing to replace them, so I'm at a loss. Adulthood hasn't been easy for me, nor has it been financially fruitful. After replacing pieces that were long past their expiration date in December, I vowed to give up fast fashion as much as possible, and to actually invest in quality, timeless pieces. However, this means that my wardrobe is currently severely out of date, and I don't know when it'll be updated. In the meantime, I've been looking for websites with the best selection and prices, but I've run into an issue with that as well. Multiple times now I've found a company that I'm really into, and the pieces are fantastic, but when I look at the sizes, a medium is the largest they go. This makes no sense. Just because someone wears a larger size, doesn't mean they've just given up on fashion. I really do admire the fashion industry so much, but when size becomes an issue, I want to scream. 

So I'm really trying to find quality clothing in a size larger than a medium. This is not hate against anyone who wears a medium or smaller, this is simply a plea for a larger variety. Come on clothing industry. Get with it.

More Snapping Snapdragons

I've got to cool it with the snapdragon photos, but I just really wanted to share these. I hope you're all well. 

A Beige Edit

I really can't get enough beige in my life right now. These are very far fetched items for my current price point, but a girl can dream, and this girl is dreaming about soft materials and eye-catching details. The Merchant Archive pieces really remind me of the films from the 1930's and 1940's that I've been watching so much of lately, and I love the playful pajama-wear vibe of the romper. The Commando bodysuit, Isabel Marant top, and Tomas Maier cardigan all look like fantastic basic pieces to keep around for years. The two midi dresses are trendy, but subtle, and the Marchesa gown is the most far fetched item of them all, but I'd still love to call it mine. Who says you can't wear a gown whenever you feel like it? Certainly not me. Dress up for yourself, you know?

See anything you like?

To Grandparents' House We Go

Alternatively titled "The Illustrated Hen," or just "What I Did On Saturday."

A chunk of Saturday was spent with my parents and grandparents at said Grandparents' house. They've got a huge outside space, and fairly recently acquired chickens, ducks, and goats (oh my). The goats never really warmed up to me, but it was a nice visit anyway, and the birds were cool with the camera. Who needs goats? I'm lying, I really wanted the goats to like me. Anyway, we spent the hours outside, as we always do during these visits. Their outdoor space is seemingly endless, and they're always adding new things. They've always done that though, and I think it's where my own plant love stems from. 

After spending the afternoon visiting, I tagged along with my parents while they ran a few errands. I ended up distracted by Fall decorations that were honestly out way too early, but I can't help it. I'm in full-stop *pretend Summer isn't happening* mode, and I need all the pumpkins in my life. I also thought up (and later began) a new illustration project that I'll be doing over the next few months. I wanted something to tide me over after DEDIM is finished until it's time for Inktober, so there isn't really an exact time limit on it. I'll explain more when I've got enough material for the first update, but it's something I'm pretty excited about.

Sunday was spent nursing menstrual cramps and catching up on blog work. I felt very productive, so I'd say this weekend was a success. I hope yours was as well.

Instagram Bits & Pieces

I've been using Instagram more, though admittedly not every day. The photos are fuzzy and full of motion and miscellaneous moments, but I think they're pretty special. If you want to see more, you can follow me here (@amberelb) to see what my days actually look like, i.e. oatmeal baths and a lot of the above three dogs. Instagram aside, I suppose I've been pretty quiet in the posts this week. Not sure what that's about, but the week has definitely slipped away from me, and I've got a full Friday and Saturday. I'll be livelier next week.

Peachy Keen

Though I've been talking quite a bit about the abundance of red and white roses, my favorite rose bush is actually a tiny thing, in a sun and rain worn pot, far away from the rest of the roses, and its miniature blooms are the prettiest peachy-orange shade, that eventually bleaches into a pale pink after a few afternoons. Yes, these often overlooked blooms are my favorite. I think that when I eventually pack up and leave this place, I'll have to go off and find a similar plant to call my own.

At this point, I think I need a separate "plants" tag for the blog. I can't stop posting about them.

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