Peachy Keen

Though I've been talking quite a bit about the abundance of red and white roses, my favorite rose bush is actually a tiny thing, in a sun and rain worn pot, far away from the rest of the roses, and its miniature blooms are the prettiest peachy-orange shade, that eventually bleaches into a pale pink after a few afternoons. Yes, these often overlooked blooms are my favorite. I think that when I eventually pack up and leave this place, I'll have to go off and find a similar plant to call my own.

At this point, I think I need a separate "plants" tag for the blog. I can't stop posting about them.


  1. I don't mind if you keep posting them!! i love so much this color than i'm thinking of dyeing my hair peach<3

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube

    1. I'm glad, thank you Cate! I think you definitely should, it's a fun color.


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