The Laziest Low Bun

The laziest low bun is how I've been wearing my hair roughly 98% of the time. I'm growing it out again, and it's long enough for this, but not much else. I'm perfectly okay with that though. I think this is more flattering for my face than a high bun, but I digress. This look requires no more than a hair tie and possibly a few bobby pins. Just scrape it back to the bottom, and you're done. It's nothing special, and I usually forgo a hair brush for added texture. I think it gets the job done though. It looks great paired with cloudy skies and emotionally appropriate music. Simple is good, you know?


  1. Ah, a high-up ponytail is my equivalent to your low-bun; at home it's all about ease and comfort! I agree, simple is good :) x

    1. Exactly Gabrielle! I'm glad you agree.


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