Embracing Escapism

We've all got issues and stress, right? I obviously know that I'm not the only one, but I'm just not sure that my coping methods are the best. Escapism is something I've come to rely on. Some argue that it's unhealthy, and I can understand why, but honestly, what am I hurting if I want to focus on nice things? I channel this through my clothes and decor, and into my art. It's nice to pop into my own little bubble sometimes.

The last few months have been troubling, from health issues to personal relationships, and a week or so ago I suddenly realized that it's July, and the health things are still happening, and the relationships are still fractured, and I need to let everything go. So I have. Then came the inspiration for the next six or so illustrations that I'll be sharing throughout the rest of the summer. They're all focused on escapism, and places I'd rather be, things I'd rather be wearing. I quite like the way they turned out, and they're all sitting on my buffet/work space, completed, and I can't bring myself to stack them with the rest of the pieces I've done this year. I want them out. So we'll see if I can sort something out for them. Watch this space?

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