A Small Tuesday Ramble

Once again, I'm not sure what to write about today. Maybe I'll just do a little stream of consciousness.

I painted this a few weeks ago, before seeing the ocean for the first time, and now all I see here is ocean, and it wasn't intentional. Art is cool like that, you know? When I did a bit of museum hopping with a friend last year, we would stop at a few different paintings and talk about our different interpretations. I thought that was fascinating, and it's just as such when someone tells me how they interpret something I've done. I don't ever paint or draw something with one specific meaning. My pieces mean one thing to me at the time, and that meaning can change. They can also mean different things to different people. That's what's done with intention. 

I've been procrastinating with photos lately, and I'm annoying myself. I'm still a week or so ahead, but I have to keep working to stay that way, you know? I've really got to buckle down and take photos today. I spent way too much time editing some last night. Basically, I'm moving very slow this week. I'm sure it's PMS. I am fatigued.

Regardless, I'm pretty excited about the rest of this week's posts, and next week will being something really exciting, if I ever get myself motivated to take photos (I obviously will, but I am feeling very mopey as I write this. I'll sleep some, and then get busy, and I don't know why I'm writing about how bad I am at procrastinating things I really want to do. PMS aside, I'm still feeling pretty alright going into August. Cool. 

I just want to dive into this painting though.


  1. Aww, do what feels right. If you would rather paint than photograph, maybe that is what your mind needs right now. :)


    1. You're so kind, but I really do want to take photos. It's really just procrastination, and I'm really annoying. Thank you though!


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