I have to say that I had an entire paragraph written for this post before I had to delete it, because it was entirely about Autumn, and I need to calm down. Let's just talk about capes instead. This illustration is about a cape. I was actually talking about capes with a friend last week, and we've agreed that everyone needs a cape in their life, and now I'm pretty serious about it. I need some capes. This week I've been eyeing up this red Gucci number, this velvet Saint Laurent dream, and this embroidered Vilshenko piece as my primary inspiration sources. If I could have them all in my life, I would in a heartbeat. Instead, I think I need to go draw more capes now...


  1. I wrote about autumn today again so I don't mind the autumn vibe at your blog atm! Haha keep it comin'! Xx


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