I'm falling into another one of those holes where I don't even want to paint, let alone posts things I've painted because I feel so inferior. I know it's just hormones, but MAN, I'm not feeling anything. I've seen so many nice illustrations and paintings in the last week, and they're all so good, and I should just stop. I won't, but the insecurity this week is real, and where blogging is concerned as well. 

I've decided that I will do a full post on my personal PMS and hormone issues, and what a typical cycle is like for me, but it'll be awhile before it happens. I still have a few weeks until I go to see a new doctor, and I don't know for sure what will happen with that, but maybe I'll get to it in October. I'm not sure if it'll be one post or a series, but I'm doing it. I think reading about other experiences with periods and PMS is interesting and informative, so I want to contribute.

On the other hand, I'm actually trying to not be in such a poor mood. I'm not feeling too festive anymore, which is fine, there's still most of September to get prepared, but I'm trying to find inspiration in other things. I'm watching a lot of vlogs from Winter (this one right now), and I'm actively trying to stay busy. I'm day dreaming about Paris again, but if it works, it works. And I think it's working. It is at least while I'm writing this, and I've been pretty productive. I'm finding new music and adding to my yearly playlist. I'm a hormonal wreck, but everything's going to be fine, you know?

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