The Oversized T-Shirt

Hello Monday. These photos accurately sum me up right now. I feel a bit worn out, and I just want to be comfortable. Today will include bathing one of the dogs, cutting the hair of another, mailing a card, and sweeping the house. I've got to scan a few illustrations as well. That's not everything, of course, but I'm primarily writing this paragraph as a reminder to myself, a to-do list if you will. Also, I started drinking coffee again, and suddenly caffeine actually has an effect on me, and I'm pretty damn grateful for it. Bring me coffee and bring it on Monday.

This is actually a t-shirt dress, that was bought to wear like a dress. I wore it as a dress in public (kind of) once, and I never will again. T-shirt dresses aren't my thing. Mini-dresses? Of course, but not this. It looks more so like an oversized shirt, and I'll gladly wear it as one. How cozy. How perfect for those bloated period days when you can't even button your jeans (aka this day). Also please excuse the wet hair, but also, I don't really care about it. My hair is in a weird state, and you'll probably see it wet again. I'm waiting for it to grow. And I apologize for any dog hair you may see. It's always the worst around the end of Summer. Just, dogs, you know?


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