Some Of The Coziest Things

I swear, Monday had me missing every phone call, missing messages, forgetting to feed the dogs while I showered (they don't share food, I have to keep them separate, one goes in the bathroom with me, etc, and I fed them after, don't worry). I was so scatterbrained. I got through it by blasting Florence + the Machine and wearing a nice dress. Mondays. 

I've already been indulging in a few of my favorite Fall activities, so I thought I'd include them in today's post. Aside from during the recent heatwave, I've been living in my flannel shirts, and I've been consuming (probably too much) tea and coffee. The Fall/Winter time of year is my favorite, and I always tend to reach for comforting things, like the aforementioned tea, coffee, and flannel, and Harry Potter is also one of those things. It's great to read, naturally, but I'm forever trying to get people to watch it with me. I'll do so alone anyway, with a pumpkin candle lit and my favorite blanket and robe around me. I wish I were doing so right now. I'm spending my morning taking photos and my afternoon decorating for Autumn instead. It's a fair trade.

What are your favorite cozy things?


  1. I just bought one of those fluffy blankets, and been wrapped around it, drinking hot coffee and watching movies whenever I have some free time haha

  2. I can understand this post 100%!
    My cozy things would be coffee and Kdramas xD

    1. I'm glad you can Dora! I hope you do something with both soon!

  3. I love that flannel shirt! You look really cozy. Watching a movie by yourself while curled up in a blanket sounds divine.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

  4. Buenos días. Que pasada de fotos. Eres increíble combinando. Un besito y te invito a pasarte por mi blog.
    Las siete maravillas de Amanda.


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