Goodbye October

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'll keep this short and sweet, like all of the candy I'll probably consume tonight. October has been nice. I had a peek of Autumn, and I baked a bunch of tasty things. I've gained control over things I never thought I would, and I've spent a lot of time cuddling my dogs. I watched Halloween appropriate things and exercised my right to vote. Best of all, the true Holiday season begins tomorrow, and I'm so unbelievably excited. I'm annoying everyone already. It's time!

Goodbye October, and thank you.

Daily October Illustrations

This week was probably the most difficult week of illustrations so far. It wasn't a major issue or anything, but I had a slight art block, and my unsteady hand made itself known a bit more than recently usual. That aside, I'm still pretty fond of this set, and they work well with all of the other illustrations for the month. I'm almost sad to see the project end. There are just a mere five days left to go. I want to end them on the highest note.

Mixing Maxi Dresses & Patterns

Who's ready to see this dress burn? As I write this, I'm just noticing that I've been including it in posts way too often, and I should really give it a rest. I apologize. However, I had this idea awhile ago, and I thought I'd see it through. I wanted to see how a sheer maxi would look underneath the high split, and I wanted an excuse to wear my old leopard print wedges, that definitely aren't relevant anymore, but I still love them. Remember when everyone wore wedges? And t-shirts as dresses, and Alice Dellal and Pixie Geldof were the "it" models. Actually, people still wear t-shirts as dresses. Forget it. Anyway, I think the combination is fun, and I'd definitely wear it again. Probably with a sweater on top though. There can never be too many layers.

Just A Little Chat

I wanted to use today to share some photos I've taken recently that haven't really served a purpose. I thought I could talk about my weekend as well, and have a little chat. 

On Saturday, I slept in comfortably (for once), and I learned how to make a grilled cheese the way my mom always did when I was a kid. Coincidentally, I made them for my mom and I for lunch. It was cool and Autumnal, and the dogs had plenty of sass. We cooked a serious comfort food meal, and I ate way too much. I spent the rest of the evening in a food coma.

Sunday was equally as easy going during the day. The weather was Autumnal, and I spray painted something for my Christmas decorations. The evening was spent making stew, another comfort dinner, and doing work to prepare for Monday. It was nice though. It was a nice weekend all in all, and I'm glad I was able to appreciate it.

This week will busy and full of early voting, a doctor's appointment, photo taking, cookie baking, and preparing to go spend the first couple of weeks in November at my grandparents' house while my grandfather recuperates from a surgery. When you work from home, you're automatically the family member to step in. Luckily, I don't mind too much in this case. I want to keep this week fun though, so that's just what I'll do. I'll try to keep my Instagram story a bit more updated this week. I also need some last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas ASAP.

Daily October Illustrations

All of the seasonal illustrations I've done this month have made me wish I'd have the time to do this project in December. I definitely wouldn't, but I plan on doing as many illustrations as possible anyway. I don't know what it is about this month's illustrations, but I'm really loving them, and I want to do something with them that doesn't involve packing them away in a drawer. I'm just not sure what that thing is yet. I'm having fun creating them in the meantime, if that wasn't already obvious. It's really nice to like what you're doing, you know?

Something Witchy

I totally meant to publish this post yesterday, but I never quite finished it. The bad blogger award goes to me, but in my defense, the post I had originally scheduled for today would probably have fallen flat. It was a nice breather day, where I could catch up on things without panicking, and it honestly made me consider rethinking the whole post every day thing I've had going on for years. Or I'm just reconsidering everything I'm doing with my life, but I'm not trying to go to sleep, so I don't know if that would be the midday case. Either way, I worked at a nice pace and listened to a new (to me) band, and it was a lot easier to focus. I'm getting better at that. It was just a nice day in general.

Anyway, I took these photos last week, and then spent a lot of my weekend watching Harry Potter, so I'm feeling this look even more. A pair of striped knee socks transformed this basic midi-dress-sweater combination into something a little more October appropriate. It was just fun. I'm definitely sticking with ribbon laced boots as well. I think it's officially my new thing. 

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