Daily October Illustrations

All of the seasonal illustrations I've done this month have made me wish I'd have the time to do this project in December. I definitely wouldn't, but I plan on doing as many illustrations as possible anyway. I don't know what it is about this month's illustrations, but I'm really loving them, and I want to do something with them that doesn't involve packing them away in a drawer. I'm just not sure what that thing is yet. I'm having fun creating them in the meantime, if that wasn't already obvious. It's really nice to like what you're doing, you know?


  1. You are so talented! I would love to have any one of these on a card or notebook.

    District of Chic

  2. They're so so lovely, you definitely have to do something with them! Perhaps print them out on a box, frame them or something like that?! Love them! Xx


    1. Thanks so much!! I'm thinking about framing them. We'll see...

  3. I love all your illustrations, you are really talented! Would love an illustration of one of my outfits :o. Have a lovely week! <3



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