DIY Wide Choker

Who doesn't love a good choker right now? I know I'm on board with the trend, but after browsing through a favorite online store and finding chokers being sold for an upwards of $40, I wasn't having it. I remembered some wide, glittery ribbon from a past Christmas, and I knew I had to do something with it. This is the easiest DIY ever. I simply measured the ribbon around my neck, cut it to fit (don't do it so close to your jugular like I did, I am an idiot), and safety pinned it. Project complete. I definitely spent the rest of the day covered in glitter, and it was worth it.


  1. Love this!! It's crazy what people come up with, who on earth thinks it's reasonable to pay so much for a piece of fabric?! Definitely the way to do it as you did! Also, gorgeous eyebrows girl! I have noticed it before (hahah sorry for being creepy here), but I don't think I've told it? Anyways, definitely on fleek! Xx

    1. Right? I'm glad you like it, and the eyebrow compliment isn't creepy at all, thank you!!

  2. Sooooo simple but so cool! Sometimes I can’t believe the prices of some things! Glad you worked out an easy cost effective way. It looks awesome!


  3. Choker trend is the best thing that happen this season


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