Testing Sister Bra Sizes

I have big boobs. Like, massive, back pain, can't wear certain tops, I'm definitely having a boob job some day big. It's incredibly uncomfortable, and I've struggled with finding proper bras for years. While I was out shopping on Sunday, I decided to check the bra section for the one size I knew I fit. After a tiny stress-panic when I didn't find it, because of course I didn't, I remembered reading an article about sister sizes, and immediately did a quick google search. There are a ton of helpful guides and charts to find your own sister size, and you can find the one I used here. My own, for instance, is a 34DD/E. The bras I purchased were 38D.

At this point in time, I've only worn one of the bras once, but it fit just fine, and the two are identical. I knew the trick was supposed to work, but I had my doubts. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It's helpful, and I just wanted to pass the tip along.

PS: Apologies for the extra noisy photos. Storm season is upon us over here.

It's Just Bedhead Because I Forgot

I honestly had the loveliest weekend. I spent Saturday with my mother, lunching and shopping for little bits and bobs. I picked up some seeds that I've already planted (forget-me-nots and sensitive plants) and two dresses for only two dollars (I thought the tags were marked wrong, it was incredible). By Sunday I was shedding tears over every sweet thing. Two different YouTubers that I follow are pregnant, my sick dog is playing with toys again, and the Dolce & Gabbana show was so wonderful and inclusive and sweet. Seriously, be still my Milan Fashion Week loving heart. It was everything I could want from D&G.

Anyway, I have major bedhead in these photos because I slept in yesterday, and totally forgot I needed to take photos of this old-man-weekender outfit of dreams. I had left my hair in the kind of bun that transforms my hair into a massive, wonky-curled mess. It's a nightmare to sort out. Sometimes I realize that I'm not "blogger" material. This was one of those times. 

Ten Things I've Been Loving

I've missed sharing miscellaneous photos lately, so I thought I'd do so today, and try to keep the positive vibe going. I have a tendency to fall into ruts where I focus on all of the not-so-nice aspects of life lately, so I thought it would be nice to document some things I've been thoroughly enjoying. I'll look back on this the next time I fall into an aforementioned rut.

1. I've been waking up a couple mornings a week surrounded by my three dogs.
2. The plants around my home are turning green again.
3. I took a different route home the other day, and passed the house I've dreamed of living in since I was a teenager. I've been thinking about it constantly.
4. It's warm enough to go outside without shoes, which means I'm back to only wearing shoes when it's absolutely necessary. 
5. I've had the motivation to keep my toenails cute and painted red.
6. I've been spending my late nights this week reading my favorite book. It ignites the small town living love in my heart.
7. My parents' anniversary is right after Valentine's Day, and though I playfully pretend otherwise, it's nice to see how much they love each other.
8. Spring thunderstorms are rolling in, and they really breathe life into a new year. 
9. I've been listening to an excessive amount of Father John Misty again.
10. The dreamiest thing about my little space is sunlight filtering in through sheer curtains.

What are some things you've been loving lately?

Does Anyone Else Not Sleep Well at Night?

This has been an issue literally all of my life. I have the hardest time sleeping at night, but I could easily crash in the middle of the day, even if I've managed to have a full eight hours. When I started taking an antidepressant in September of last year, I was actually able to sleep at night for a few months. Unfortunately, my body has now adjusted to the medication, and I can't sleep anymore. 

I was watching TV with my family the other evening, and there was a commercial for a "non-habbit forming" sleep medication (that I've already forgotten the name of, not helpful). I'd never considered taking medication for my sleep issues before, but when I saw this specific commercial, my first response was "I should try that." I think that means I'm at my wits end with my days lasting until five a.m. I'm willing to try something, though I don't actually know if I'll get around to it soon.

I'd much rather use something a lot more natural for my horrid sleep habits. I've tried so many things already. Do any of you have any tips? They'd be much appreciated.

I painted this over the weekend, and spent last night peaking at it and cuddling with my dog. I wish it was bigger.

Friendly Reminder to Stay Hydrated

It's important! Stay hydrated. Go drink some water right now!

I'm awful at remembering to drink, so this is a reminder from me, to me and you. Do it!

Still on the Fishnet Trend

Still not over it. I can't stop styling fishnet tights with every outfit in my repertoire, and I hope the trend never dies. I think my next step is to venture out to classically wearing them bare, with only a dress, sans layering, etc. I need a variety of colors as well. I just need too many pairs of fishnet tights. It's crucial.

I hope your week has gone well so far. I spent my own Tuesday evening with drinks and sweets (so healthy), and I'm currently watching The Munsters and downing a bottle of water. I don't have much to say right now. I just hope you're all well, and you should give fishnets a try.

Etsy Edit

(one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven)

I told you today's post wouldn't be so bitchy!

I haven't shared anything from my Etsy wishlist lately, so I thought an edit was well past due. My favorite pieces lately are bright and Spring-appropriate, sweet/romantic, and slightly risque. Most of the picks ended up being red and pink, which was a well-timed coincidence. Valentine's Day isn't my thing personally, but I can definitely get into the color scheme. It's a nice welcome to Spring, which is nearly here, and I can already feel it in Texas. 

See anything you like?

Whimsy and Backwards Buttons

The Texas weather has felt like Spring this week, and I'm honestly living for it. Spring reignites my love for my hometown, every year, without fail. Don't get me wrong, I'm still clinging to Winter with everything I've got, but the impending season doesn't seem as bad right now.

I've been feeling a bit more whimsical (for lack of a better word, but I really need one) with my clothing choices, so I'm getting use out of this garbage sheer maxi again. I wanted a solid gray top, so the next best thing was a backwards cardigan. Wearing a cardigan like this gives a little visual oomph to a look anyway, so it was a win-win decision.

The stacks of books and magazines are temporary, because I'm mid-room renovation. It's a little bit of a nightmare, and I'm not completely sure what I'm doing, but it should be worth it. If only I could find the screws for my bed frame...

Winter Comfort - Tea Routine

After a roller-coaster of a Superbowl Sunday (which I actually got into this year ugh), I needed to chill out a little to get through the struggle that is Monday. It's the middle of Winter, and though it's actually pretty warm in north Texas right now, I still want that Winter feeling, you know? That's where my seasonal tea routine comes in. 

Not much beats starting the week with a two hour block of Bewitched and a mug of pumpkin spice chai tea. Not much at all. It worked like a charm as well. It was such a nice experience, that I was more than happy to spend the rest of my morning getting to work taking photos for this week's posts, and cleaning the kitchen up after the nation's cheat day (I ate so much junk, ugh again). The little cinnamon star treats didn't hurt either.

PS: I've just gone with a white background. I can't keep changing it.


I feel the need to mention again that I am aware, as we all should be, about the state of politics and social injustices occurring as I type this. I'm not good at vocalizing my opinions on something so serious (guess I'm not much of a writer just yet), and I'm terrified of wording something wrong. I'm aware. Just because my posts aren't dedicated to the topics, doesn't mean I'm living in a bubble. We should all stay informed. It's more important now than ever.

Remember when I said that I was probably sticking to a three post per week schedule? I lied. I kept feeling guilty about it. I don't have anything immediately lined up, and I feel like I should just work harder to create decent posts. I'm going back to my previous Monday-Friday schedule. It's a complete flipped switch from last week, but I just feel like I needed my drive back, you know? I've also had a recent bout of inspiration. That doesn't hurt.

Anyway, here are a few pieces I've painted lately. I do prefer the way I've been painting and illustrating lately. I've been taking more time, instead of feeling like I have to fill a weekly quota for blog content. The work isn't as genuine that way, and it's much more enjoyable to create at a slower pace. I also recently found a large, blank canvas in the back of my closet, so I'm pretty excited to get to work on that. Updates to come.

Also, the last illustration is largely inspired by this Ulyana Sergeenko FW13 look.

I hope Monday treats you well. Stay informed. Stay safe.

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