Does Anyone Else Not Sleep Well at Night?

This has been an issue literally all of my life. I have the hardest time sleeping at night, but I could easily crash in the middle of the day, even if I've managed to have a full eight hours. When I started taking an antidepressant in September of last year, I was actually able to sleep at night for a few months. Unfortunately, my body has now adjusted to the medication, and I can't sleep anymore. 

I was watching TV with my family the other evening, and there was a commercial for a "non-habbit forming" sleep medication (that I've already forgotten the name of, not helpful). I'd never considered taking medication for my sleep issues before, but when I saw this specific commercial, my first response was "I should try that." I think that means I'm at my wits end with my days lasting until five a.m. I'm willing to try something, though I don't actually know if I'll get around to it soon.

I'd much rather use something a lot more natural for my horrid sleep habits. I've tried so many things already. Do any of you have any tips? They'd be much appreciated.

I painted this over the weekend, and spent last night peaking at it and cuddling with my dog. I wish it was bigger.


  1. I'm sorry you find it hard to sleep - I'm just the same! I always have been, and I've never understood it when people complain about waking up once or twice in the night ... I easily wake up 6, 8 or maybe even 10 times that I can recall, every night, and I'm pretty alert each time - not just stirring slightly.

    Rubbish, isn't it?

    I find I sleep best between about 3am and - 7am, but anything before that is barely sleep at all. Unfortunately as I have to be in the office before 9, I don't really have the option of making my sleeping routine 2.30 - 10.30, so I just get used to not sleeping very much!

    But, I do find that physically exhausting myself is the best trick. A hard run, a very, very long walk or a challenging swim is the best way to ensure a decent sleep, especially for the first half of the night. I still haven't figured out how to do this around my job, but clearly it's something I need to make a priority.

    My dentist says I'm grinding my teeth in my sleep which is something to do with stress, apparently. I don't feel stressed, though - just not programmed to get into bed at 10pm and rest! haha!

    I also really, really love your painting. Like, really love it!


    1. Oh yeah, I'm a teeth grinder as well. I think I'll try running before bed. Thanks for the idea, and I'm so glad you love the painting Flora!

  2. I have thankfully no problems with sleep. Or I'm "blessed" with the ability of needing less sleep than the average of 9/8 hours. I perform best when I've slept 5-7 hours hahah. More than that and I, 9 out of 10 times, is tired physcially and mentally throughout the day. Love the idea of sleeping more though haha, how weird that sounds. I can sleep longer if I want too, but I know that it's literally a "if you snooze you lose" kind of deal.

    Anyways, I definitely think you should look it up and search help for sleeping. Can't imagine how hard it must be to not be able to sleep when your tired but can't sleep! Or try, as the comment above, to get physically exhausted before, or drink tea that is calming. Xx

    1. You and Flora are so helpful! I'm going to see if I can stick to running before bed, and I hope that might help. If not, I'll probably do more research into a medicinal aide. You're so lucky with your sleeping habits Mia lol!

  3. I struggle with this problem myself, but I find out that when I go out a lot and spend time driving and communicating with my friends and walking, I go back at night and sleep. Some people would suggest meditation, but this didn't work for me because it made me focus on my surroundings and I ended up more awake, so my advice is do as much effort in your day as possible.

  4. Not saying this WILL WORK for you (sleep issues can have many causes), but for me, putting myself on a regular schedule worked wonders. No more of the wake up sometime before 10 and go to bed whenever I feel like it. I had to put myself on a rigorous schedule, that I was NOT allowed to break, aka no naps. I also made a point to avoid screens after 8 pm and try to physically exhaust myself.

    Nowadays, having a full time job with consistent hours helps keep me on this schedule, but it's not a catch all for everyone. Some people have trouble sleeping no matter what! If you find that exercise, a schedule, and less screen time makes no difference, definitely don't hesitate to speak to a doctor.

    1. Unfortunately, when I try that out, I only manage to stick to it for a short amount of time before the insomnia kicks back in. It's annoying. Thanks for your help though Elizabeth, much appreciated!


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