Five Ways to Overcome a Blog Rut

The real key is not to freak out about it. Stay calm, it'll pass, and work through it.

I go through blogging ruts every other month, if not once a month. It's incredibly annoying, and probably stems from a combination of boredom and insecurity. That's just me though. Blogging ruts are just creative ruts, and they can happen for a range of reasons, both identifiable and not. Here are five things I've been doing to help ease myself out of blogging ruts recently:

Buy/Create a New Layout - When 2017 hit, I almost immediately felt like my blog looked outdated. That stuck with me for a few months, until I final broke and changed my layout. I feel like the new look is way more professional and sophisticated, and a lot less Tumblr. The new layout subsequently led to a surge of post inspiration. I want to create content worthy of such a nice layout.

Take a Break: I sort of did this in January. I posted three days a week instead of five. This can be interpreted in any way you want though. Don't feel like blogging for a week? Don't. It's that easy. Just take a break. Take some time, and come back refreshed. It's helpful, and not as big a deal as it seems.

Inspiration - My primary sources of inspiration come from my surroundings, Pinterest (of course), and other blogs. However, I would never copy anyone, ever, and you shouldn't either. Take inspiration, and twist it to make it something original and totally you. Don't take tip posts too seriously either. There doesn't have to be a strict outline for your blog. It's what you make it, not what others say you should.

Brainstorming - This is something I do multiple times a week. As someone who loves list making and organizing, this is a genuinely fun process. Showers are good for brainstorming as well. Get a notebook specifically for your blog, and write down everything that comes to mind.

Change of Scenery - This is a big one for me, that I somehow forget about all the time. Working from a different space guaranteed to give me a surge of inspiration. Depression sometimes gets to me, and I'll work from my bed at most, but this is always a bad idea. It's best to move to a different room, or even outside. Coffee shops and cafes work wonders for others as well. Try it out!

Do you have any tips for blogging ruts? Let's talk about it!

No Sew Spring Bunting

After setting my sights on one too many strings of bunting in the Spring decor aisles of multiple shops (I'm looking at you Target), I knew I had to make my own. As with everything else I make, it looks homemade on purpose. The uneven edges look sweet, at least to me, and it's all in my bedroom, so I'm really the only one who cares anyway. All it took was a bit of twine, old scrap fabric (so old, some of it was used on my baby blanket) that I ironed at three in the morning with a hair flatiron, and a borrowed hot glue gun. The burns were worth it, and I think the result is perfect for my space this time of year. I'm thinking about finding some burlap for an Autumn look in September...

Would you try making your own instead of buying it?

Daily March Illustrations

March 21-27, 2017

Is it possible to be a shopping addict without even buying anything? I don't know, but the month's almost over!

I Probably Self-Diagnosed My Skin Condition Wrong

I probably diagnosed my skin condition wrong, which is a prime example of why I need to stick to an annual doctor visit. Let me explain:

This is the third year in a row that my skin has broken out in rashes and hives this time of year. It's the second year in a row that the breakouts have been all over my body. When this happened last year, the only logical thing that would register was eczema. I assumed I had eczema, and when I treated the rashes as such, they cleared up. By the time I went to a doctor last year, the problem areas had cleared up. I thought I was right. and the doctor told me that I was treating it correctly if it really was eczema. 

This year, the rashes and problem areas aren't going away. My whole body is itching intensely as I write this, and I'm not sure that it's eczema. I'm not sure of what's going on at all. I think part of the problem is allergies, and another part is heat. As a remedy, I'm currently trying to stay as hydrated as possible, which is a serious task and I hate myself for it, and I'm trying to lose weight. Again, let me explain:

The rashes started my first Winter to Spring transition after moving back to Texas from Las Vegas. If you look far back enough into this blog, you can see photos and posts from my Vegas days. It's pretty easy to see that I was a lot smaller back then. I put on quite a bit of weight after I came back, and in the last few years, I've put on thirty plus pounds. That's not good. 

I've learned a lot about myself in the last few years, and I've learned to love my body as it is. However, this skin condition is making me completely miserable, and it's hard to get anything done. I just want to sit in a cold bath and sleep all the time. If losing weight helps, then I need that to happen.

I'm not sure if I'll document anything about the weight loss process here, but I'm hoping that writing and publishing this post serves as a bit of personal motivation. I need to think about my own health here. Wish me luck. 

Printed Instagram Photos with

I've been thinking for awhile about getting Instagram photos printed off. I've been planning to print off other photos from my hard drive, and I've got rolls of used film, but I was never sure what to do about all of my Instagram shots. Enter Printiki. 

By uploading photos from  a variety of sources, including Facebook and Instagram, you can create Polaroid style, square, or standard 4x6 prints, with or without borders. You can also create books and posters, in a variety of sizes, which are two things I really want to do soon. There are a ton of options, and they're all super affordable. 

I'm genuinely impressed with my photos. They're great quality, and the prints look just like the photos from my Instagram. Nothing looks altered throughout the printing process. I went a little bit dog crazy, because that's the beauty of my own Instagram account. There are a lot of dogs, and the photo of my niece and her mother is gold. You can check out Printiki on Instagram here, and you can create your own prints here. I'm off to look for a nice collage frame for my lovely bunch of prints. 

Spring '17 Ready to Wear Mood Board(s)

It's officially Spring this week, so naturally I've got to post another RTW mood board, which turned into three. My taste is very bi-polar right now. Most of the time I'm really feeling classic cuts and neutrals, even a lounge-wear set or two, and then I'll have moments where I want to dress up in layers of lace and tulle and throw glitter everywhere. You should see my living space. It's a headache-inducing mixture of the two. There is literally glitter dusting my mid-century mod furniture. Anyway, I feel like all of these looks properly sum up what I wish my closet looked like this season. You can see the excessive amount of other Spring '17 RTW looks I've saved here.

What looks are you feeling for Spring?

An Impromptu Saturday

My niece (and her parents I guess) came to visit over the weekend. On Saturday I tagged along with them to visit my grandparents, which led to an impromptu trip down the street to see extended family and have a little photo shoot in an actual studio for once. My niece was the star, of course, and I took possibly too many photos, if that's even a thing. I don't think so. They're for her though, not this blog, but I thought I'd post a few behind the scenes shots of the fun, and I had to jump in for a few shots after we were done. I'm a loser.

The entire day was kind of a mess, but beautiful things can happen in unplanned situations. 

I Get the Coloring Book Hype

Coloring books are so cool these days! I'm not even being sarcastic, I genuinely love them. I spent months and months picking up various coloring books, and ultimately not purchasing them. I received two for Christmas, and now I'm hooked. I wasn't sure how I would feel about using a coloring book in my spare time as someone who paints and illustrates anyway, but it's a lot of fun, and a great way to unwind in the evening. I don't worry too much about perfection, so there's no pressure, and there's something comforting about picking up an old childhood hobby. 

I recently added a couple Vera Bradley books to my collection (though I'm honestly gifting one to my mom), and they're seriously stunning. This might turn into my permanent evening hobby. I'm not sure where the Christmas gifts were from, but you can find the Vera Bradley books here and here

Happy coloring!

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