Meaningful Jewelry

I have a newfound love for my jewelry.

I was in such a rut with my collection for years, that I often skipped wearing any at all. However, I've recently fallen in love with each individual piece and their meanings. Doing so has put a whole new purpose in what I adorn myself with.

A few meaningful details in my collection include: 

Morganite: For cleansing the heart and pent up emotion, and to attract self love

Rose Quartz: To sooth, ease stress, and attract (more) self love

Blue Topaz: To enhance communication with the subconscious, also my birthstone

Pearl: Feminine energy

Blue Sapphire: To encourage wisdom and learning

Sterling Silver Cross: Religious affiliations

Madonna: Religious affiliations and feminine, protective energy

Of course, I haven't listed everything in my collection, but I think I've made my point. Researching your jewelry gives each piece new meaning, and helps put thought into what you choose to wear. I highly encourage doing so.

Would you?

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