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I swear, I've rewritten this post three times now. I keep changing my mind on the topic. The first idea was an outfit I'm not so sure about at the moment. The second was a series of photos I took a few weeks ago. They're nice, but they're very bright and Summer, you know? That kind of "vibe" didn't feel right.

A Monday Evening Look with Zaful

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A Moodboard

I've felt Autumn rolling in for a couple of weeks now. Every time I walk outside, I feel the air getting cooler and cooler. The nights are coming quicker. A few toadstools have popped up in my backyard, and I'm starting to find little yellow leaves scattered in trees and in the street. I'm so into Autumn now. I apologize if it's a bit too early, but I can't help it! How could I when nature is being so kind?

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The third idea is sharing a few Polyvore sets I've recently published (if that wasn't obvious). Though it's still a little too warm for Fall clothes here, I can get my fix via the internet. The Autumnal theme I've fallen into on the site was unintentional. I only really noticed what I've done yesterday, but I took it as a sign. There probably won't be anymore non-festive (IE Autumn, Holidays, etc) posts this year. Whoops?

Harvey Relief

I'm sure we're all aware of Harvey's path of destruction at this point. If not, please do a quick Google search. Though I am not located in Southeast Texas, I have close family who are. Being a Texan in general makes the situation very close to home.

I wanted to leave a list of ways to donate and help with the storm relief if any of you felt so inclined. Helping is all that really matters right now, and every little bit helps.

If you live in America, you can text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to The Red Cross, or UWFLOOD to 41444 to donate to the United Way Flood Relief Fund.

Before giving to individual charities, make sure you know where your donation is going!


Last week I wrote about how I was having a lot of travel anxiety though I wasn't actually very far from home. Though I'm a little irritated with myself for using this space to whine again, I was just being honest. It was a rough week for this sensitive baby. However, I tried to carry over a couple of my home routines to make myself feel a little better.

One of my favorite hobbies is walking around my yard/garden/plants, and gathering bits and pieces to press or display, among other things. I did so at not-my-house last week. This yard was full of trees and plants, and though the late Summer sun has been doing the most, there was much more green than brown. 

I gathered a few flowers and plenty of leaves. Pecans were even starting to fall, which reminded me of the acorns soon to fall from my own trees. I can't wait! I have so many plans y'all.

It's the little things, you know?

Interior Details

Yet another personal interior post, because I can't seem to stop at this point. Even the smallest pieces matter. None of these details were planned. That makes them even more lovely.

I Am Awful at Packing and Traveling

I originally intended to write a helpful packing post, as is the proper blogger thing to do, but when it came to actually packing, I literally just picked out a few pieces from my closet that stuck out to me, and most of the clean laundry that was sitting in my room from Monday's post. I folded everything, yes, and then dumped it in, along with all of my toiletries and work necessities. 

I have this habit of either being ambitious and using my smallest bags, or just taking my biggest suitcase as an excuse to also take a blanket with me, because why not? I am like a child, and I enjoy having a security blanket around.

That honestly says a lot about my travel habits. I've become terrible at traveling. Really, really terrible.

I used to love the idea of traveling all the time, and I still find myself wishing I could book a flight to various corners of the planet, but when it comes down to actually leaving my house for more than a day, I kind of meltdown. Technically, I'm not travelling right now. I'm house sitting, but I'm still not at my house, you know? The unreasonable anxiety is the same.

I've become more of a homebody than I ever thought I would. I hope that's something that changes in the future. Until then, I'm going to keep wishing I could be in my own bed.

Photo Every Hour - August 20, 2017

10:00 AM
I had a late night, and late start this morning. I got up long enough to open the blinds. This was my view.

11:00 AM
Look at this model!

12:00 PM

1:00 PM
I had terrible cramps for a little while, and I was left staring at all the clean laundry I needed to fold from Saturday.

2:00 PM
I'm planning on changing my hair up again. I was on the hunt for old photos on my hard drive, and wound up spending an hour or so looking at old photos of my dogs. Honestly, time well spent.

3:00 PM
This sweater still wasn't dry from Saturday's wash. Dumb.

4:00 PM
I was watching a film with my parents while working from the dining room table. Sunday work space at its best.

5:00 PM
Walked outside with the dogs for a hot (literally) minute. I miss the hammock. Hopefully we'll be reunited with cooler weather soon. I'm dreaming of a nap on this thing with a sweater and blanket and thick knit socks. I can't wait.

6:00 PM
This was kind of a transition hour. I was gathering things and pouring shampoo into a little glass bottle.

7:00 PM
The best cuddles.

This is easily becoming my favorite kind of post to create all over again. Yesterday was genuinely a lovely Sunday. I spent some time with my parents, watched a couple films, looked through old photos, and of course, caught of with blog things. That's what Sundays are for though. Work a little, enjoy a lot.

How was your Sunday?

DIY Ring Tree

I was recently given a ton of rings. My mom was with me, and gave me the idea to find a nice branch to stick the rings on. I thought it was a great idea, and then proceeded to do nothing about it for a few weeks. One day I'd been running errands with my mom, and she is wonderful and took the long way through our little town so I could look through fallen tree branches and twigs, but nothing caught my eye.

We all had dinner with my grandparents last week, and I went through a pile of fallen pieces in their yard, and found four I liked instead. Alas, the idea of my own little ring tree was born.

I used a small pot from my stack of terracotta pots, a piece of Styrofoam from a dollar store, twigs, and rocks, which I also already had. I don't think the supplies would be very expensive at all if you were to buy them all new, not including the rings, of course.

The assembly was very easy. All I had to do was stick the foam in the pot, the twigs in the foam, and pour the rocks in, a few at a time, to weigh down the foam and keep the twigs sturdy. I personally liked the way that the rocks looked, but if you'd like, you could certainly put fewer in and cover them with whatever you think would look better.

My own tree takes up quite a bit of space, but your own wouldn't have to be so large. You could easily use fewer twigs and/or break them down to be shorter.


This is a really easy and affordable project, so I just had to share it. I've got my own currently sitting in a corner, with a candlestick and battery-operated candle sitting behind it. It's a lovely little scene both during the day and in the evening.

Is this something you'd try?

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