Autumnal Hat Scarves

So I've had these extra scarves and a scrap piece of ribbon, and my first thought was to throw them all on a hat. Logical, right?

And that's about all I really had in mind for this post. I wanted to wear a hat and decorate it. That's it. I thought I'd also tack on a little stream of consciousness for substance. 

As I type this sentence, it's 2:19 AM. A little less than seven hours before this post goes live. I'm very tired. I can't sleep. I keep thinking about packing and stress and being away from home for a week. I just narrowly avoided stomping on a lizard in my hallway, poor thing.

I was just thinking about my 2017 resolutions. Resolution, actually. I only really had the one, which was to be softer. I wanted to be kinder and lighter and happier. I feel very harsh right now. I don't know if it's a bad thing, but it's not the path I intended. I need to think about what I'm doing, and how I'm treating myself. This year, so far, has brought progress, yes, but the one goal I set is so far away from me, and it's almost October.

I'm thinking about that a lot suddenly. I need some whimsy. I need some happiness. Good God, that's what the problem is! 

I need a therapist is what I need. Or spontaneity? Midday walks around town? 

Also, very important! I'm going to be sorting through old illustrations and selling prints! I'll also be working on new pieces soon, and those will go up as well. Is there still any interest in that? Let me know!

(If you need a refresher, take a peek here!)

Photo Every Hour - September 22, 2017

Alternatively titled "Celebrating the Autumn Equinox," because that is what I did all day. Of course, I was a little more than excited, and I just had to document the occasion...

7:00 AM

Straight into the kitchen from bed. I decided to try to make apple cider from scratch. Apple cider is worth being in the kitchen that early.

8:00 AM

The first day of Autumn calls for the laciest burgundy dress ever.

9:00 AM

Watching a bit of That 70's Show while I work. This is no different than any other day if I'm honest.

10:00 AM

Setting things up and taking photos. Again, pretty normal, but it's all Autumnal, so it's better.

11:00 AM

The trees are doing nice things!

12:00 PM

The newest addition.

1:00 PM

My real talent is taking hilarious photos of my dogs. She looks drunk, and I cackled. 

2:00 PM

Cider update. This looked so cute and photogenic when I started it, but it didn't stay that way. I'll be sure to make it near a better light source for photos next time.

3:00 PM

Setting the vibe with fairy lights!

4:00 PM

Making pumpkin bread for the evening...

5:00 PM

Time to decorate the entire house. Finally.

6:00 PM

The cider was a success! I'll be making it as much as I can, probably.

7:00 PM

This was the point in the evening that pretty much consisted of a lot of food and board games. Wild. But lovely.

8:00 PM

The bread was saved for last. Here it is in all its leafy glory. Not the greatest photo, but you get it.

The end!

DIY Two Dollar Wreath

I gave you a peak of this wreath yesterday, but I had to dedicate an entire post to it, because I spent two dollars making it! Two dollars! Granted I bought my supplies at a dollar store, but I digress. It was a cheap project that looks cute, and is perfect for a small space. 

I bought a package of fake leaves and a round piece of floral foam. These items were a dollar each (from Dollar Tree), and though I wound up with a pretty even leaf-to-foam ratio, another package of leaves wouldn't have hurt. Keep that in mind if you decide to make this yourself.

The first step was the hardest: hot gluing the leaves to the foam. The difficulty really lies in how your hot glue gun skill is, but the leaves fill in pretty easily, and a few gaps aren't the end of the world. They can be filled in later. Be careful, and don't burn yourself too much, okay?

To fill in the gaps on my own wreath, I used acorns that I gathered out of my own front yard. I rinsed them off and let them dry over night, and then used hot glue to stick them to the wreath, both in random places and where tiny bits of foam could be seen. 

Again, please be careful with the hot glue, and DO NOT use hot glue immediately after using acetone to take nail polish off. I wound up with the worst burn on my thumb, and the skin there is still pretty dead. I'm pretty sure the leftover acetone reacted with the heat somehow. Just don't do that ever. Life tip.

In the end, I think the wreath turned out pretty sweet. Though this is how I put together my own, you could do yours a million different ways, with a multitude of different items. Think bows, pine cones, twigs, etc. I already want to make another one. I just need to find the space.

My Autumnal Decor

I've decorated for Autumn! I've been waiting for this moment all year, and I had to share photos as soon as possible.

I'm also decorating faster than I can photograph! Not pictured is a basket of potpourri, orange burlap around the neck of the Diana bust, and a few larger potpourri pieces along the top of my biggest print. I also suddenly feel like I don't have enough pumpkins, but I'm not sure if I'll actually buy any more this year.

I'm sure you'll see all of the new additions before the season is over!

Have you decorated yet?

Happy Fall Y'all

It's Fall! Finally!

I hope you all enjoy your day and do something fun. I'll be decorating and making apple cider and pumpkin bread. If you're doing something fun, share! Let's chat!

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