Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Have fun y'all!


I don't have enough to say today. I'm having one of those mornings where I'm still pretty tired. That paired with PMS and having the news on in the background makes for a weepy mess. I'll probably just spend the day working from the couch and/or bed. Eventually I should really get everything straightened out for tomorrow (Halloween!!!). Though I'm thrilled about the holiday, I'm practically bursting at the seams for Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. I've seen a few Christmas themed commercials this morning alone. It's the holiday season y'all, and I'm a little festive tornado. 

Lazy Layers for Autumnal Lounging

I have been such a lazy dresser lately. I want to wear pretty things, but I want to be comfortable, so I usually end up somewhere around a maxi dress over sweatpants, though I've got one over wide-leg trousers here. They're just as comfortable. It's the ultimate Autumnal combination. 

Honestly, I'm trying to get better about this. I am getting better at this. 

I've spent the last few years on such a tight budget that I never wanted to wear my nice things, lest they stretch and/or fade and/or rip. I wouldn't have been able to replace them. Over the last few months, I've been able to expand my wardrobe a little bit, buy a few more bits and pieces, and I have room to wear pieces out and replace if need be.

Of course, I don't want to have to replace things constantly, but I need to get over the irrational anxiety I have with my clothes. I'm trying to wear my dresses around the house (because I work from home) and outside of it, and leave the sweatpants and leggings in the drawer (or underneath said dresses for discreet layering). If I wear them ragged, such is life. Clothes are meant to be worn. Nice clothes are meant to be worn.

Halloween Baking

What's a festive Holiday without celebratory baking? To get into the spooky spirit, I decided to bake some pumpkin and bat shaped shortbread. The humidity in the air was real, so I struggled a bit with the icing, but you get the intent. It was a fun little treat nonetheless! 

October 23, 2017

I am completely, without a doubt, a Fall/Winter enthusiast. This time of year is what I live for. However, I always miss the plants that die back when the cold hits, particularly the morning glory vines. They're like a piece of magic in the corners of the backyard, and they're the first to die in Autumn. I long for the day I'll have a greenhouse to hoard plants in during the cooler months. I'll have to throw in a bit of morning glory vine for good measure.

Set the Spooky Evening Mood

What's October without moody lighting and a lot of orange? I couldn't let the month pass by without showing some photos of Halloween decor in the evening. I love this time of year y'all.

Halloween Socks

One of the best things about the uber commercialized season of Halloween is cheap decorative socks. Despite the phrasing, I do adore Halloween, and I do adore all of the fun things to see and watch and buy. When you put $1 socks with bats and ghosts on them in front of me, I'm buying every option available. Y'all. These are my new favorite socks.

To be fair, I was due for a few new pairs anyway.

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