Soft and Cozy Layers

One of my favorite things about this time of year is layering all of the comfortable pieces I own. In this case, it's thick knits and linen trousers. And honestly, wear white year-round. Just do it. This is a great outfit for drinking tea/coffee/cider/etc and roaming around a yard and/or field. I have no field, but one day, hopefully. Anyway, this is a go-to right now. It's cold, but not quite coat-or-you'll-die weather. It's just right.

Love ya November.


  1. Layering is everything for fall and I'm current going for three knitted pieces in one look. Hahah help me! Hope you're having a lovely week Amber, Xx

    1. Ha! Wear all the knit pieces your heart desires! You too Mia!

  2. That sounds about right! There's nothing better than cosying up in layers upon layers at this time of year :)


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