Farewell To Summer

Summer isn't quite over, but it's time to realize that the end is near. The wind has been picking up lately, and the evenings are chillier. Of course, this is Texas, so I don't even know how hot it will be today. Anyway, I have this idea that everything starts over at the end of summer. It's when a lot of life altering changes take place, like starting a new school year or making a major move as an adult for the first time. This year I find myself back at home, and literally starting over, which is pretty daunting. But I'm hoping my theory will come through. I want to leave this summer a bit more optimistic than I've been throughout the last few months. I will find a job, and I get much further than a sketch with my major projects, and I will find contentment with my life. That last one is easy enough in fall for me anyway, so that's great. Fall is hopeful, and Winter is comforting. So goodbye Summer. Let's hope we're both different next year.