Halloween Makeup I // Bad Movie Ghost

I was really excited to do this. So excited that I had no clue what I was actually doing. I had black and white face paint and fake blood, and I ended up with "Bad Horror Movie Ghost Who's Probably Still In That Cabin You Just Rented." I'd just watched a film (that I've now forgotten the title of, but it's written down somewhere) that was pretty much that title in a nutshell, and the ghost and I could be twins.

Anyway, this process is pretty simple and easy to follow. The black face paint (that literally looked like acrylic paint, thrilled about putting that on my face) applied very thin, so I went over it with black eye shadow. The fake blood was kind of pointless, but it's always fun. I want more. Unfortunately though, my face reacted horribly to the white makeup. It's been about three weeks since I took these photos (like I said, I was excited) and my skin is still looking pretty rough. It was probably just my skin's problem though, which I'll go on about in a future post.

This is one of many Halloween themed posts I'll be doing this month, so I apologize if it's not your thing. I really love Halloween though. Bring it.