Yesterday was pretty great. That's it. 

Kieryn and I spent the afternoon/evening in downtown Fort Worth, which is one of our favorite places to be. We spent some time around the tree in Sundance Square before going to see The Nutcracker across the street. The show was gorgeous, and it went by too fast. I kind of wanted to linger around for the rest of the evening, but my toes were cramped, and we'd parked five or six streets away. We'll figure out the parking garage next year. The Nutcracker is my favorite Christmas tradition, and I was far from disappointed. 

I'd highly recommend everyone, wherever the closest spot is, to go see The Nutcracker. It's the first time we did something this posh as lone adults, but it was very enjoyable, and we're trying to make it ("adult" things) a monthly thing. 

*I know the photos are more about Sundance Square, but I wasn't about to sneak photos during The Nutcracker. No.