NYFW FW15 Favorites

So many initials! New York Fall/Winter 15 Fashion Week (there) has ended now, and I've got a lot of favorites. A lot. I am so excited about the knits and the 70's vibes from this week. I am so ready for that now, as I've mentioned before. Yes to sweater dresses and tall boots and floating dresses with big coats. These are the things dreams are made of. I've seen various mixed opinions about this, but it's something I've been getting really into lately anyway. There were also so many cozy knits and boxy, unnatural silhouettes that I've been day dreaming about all week. I think a lot of shows this week featured pieces that would look good on so many different body types, and that's really important. I like to see things that I think would look good on myself and others, instead of thinking "oh, that's nice, but it's for a very small demographic." There were so many silhouettes and fits to play with, and I hope this is a trend that continues throughout the remaining three weeks. Also can we talk about that bright blue that popped up in a few shows (ie I, II, III)? So good.

"Adam Lippes matching floral suit yessssssssssss" (here) --- An actual note of mine. I may not have been in New York, but I've been as on top of it as I possibly can, thank you internet. I started illustrating a few looks, but I had to stop myself early before I fell into a black hole.