Something I Love About Winter In Texas

I hate the idea that everything is dead and dull in winter. I feel like the opposite is true actually. The cold air makes everything feel clean and new, and there's still plenty of green to compliment the gray skies. Winter sunlight makes everything seem beautiful, and there's a sense of something exciting happening. 

I've been thoroughly enjoying mornings this year, and I've been falling more and more in love with winter. I've been getting up before the sun, and from then to (roughly) noon, I enjoy being alone with my dogs and sitting as close to nature as possible while I work on things. Nothing beats this. 

Today I decided to take some photos because I haven't randomly done so in a few weeks (why???). My dog lives for cold weather as well, and I probably took too many photos of her running around in our (strangely) still green yard. Okay, some of it may be weeds, but I digress. I used to dream about living anywhere that wasn't Texas. Though I still want to travel as much as possible, the idea of staying settled here doesn't sound as bad as it used to.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are. Breathe, step outside, drink plenty of water. Document your day.