Milan Fashion Week Favorites

Who else wants to take a trip to Italy right now? 

Though not as eccentric as London, Milan Fashion Week was definitely not lacking in excellence. Sophistication seemed to be key in suits and layers, and even with a bit of an edge. I'm already on board and in love with pairing neutral colors with different textures (timeless and important), but there were a few multicolored collections that caught my eye and inspired me. My absolute favorites though, were the collections that held a great sense of imagination, that encouraged my fairy tale obsession (ie Alberta Ferretti, I'm Isolo Marras, Antonio Marras). I think the rest of my opinions are best expressed in the notes I took:

- Bowie playing during N°21
- powerful
- matching floral suit with pops of red at Gucci !!!
- draping tunics over pants is growing on me
- velvet pants, I'm intrigued