A Spring Festival

This was a really lovely, quick afternoon last Friday. Kieryn picked me up after she was off work, and we popped over to this Main Street Festival. We actually found a band we enjoyed watching, and we were probably really annoying with big cameras around our necks. We rode the Ferris wheel after the sun went down, which was a first for me. We ended the night with milkshakes and loud music. I don't know how to put the evening into words, but it was so nice. Nice, nice, nice. I filmed a bit from the night, so wait for that next month.

You have to check out Kieryn's version of this post. It's so much better than this one. She made everything into really dreamy gifs, and it looks amazing. Take a peak here.


  1. Your photography is amazing! x

  2. Such cool photos !


  3. These are so good. I'm constantly reliving that night. I can't wait for your video x


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