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If my mother instilled anything into me (though we're actually very similar, and I talk about it a lot because it's brought on a quarter life crisis reaction), it's a love for everything old, and in this sense, particularly old furniture. I feel like I was born loving antique furniture. I grew up around ornate pieces, and my own furniture is heavily inspired by said ornate pieces, and my own vintage mid-century pieces, all passed down through the family. I'm a sucker for a healthy balance of the two styles, and browsing for more furniture is a hobby of mine. Etsy, of course, is a great source to find vintage pieces. Above are (more than) a few in particular I was crushing on throughout last night's Etsy binge.

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  1. Ah, it sounds as though we're fairly similar in this respect - my mum has had the same effect on me! I've also been brought up around antique and ornate pieces. You've shared some really interesting pieces here, particularly the cream (painted iron?) dressing table. Lovely!

    1. That one's my favorite! Thanks Gabrielle!


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