Staying Inspired In The Same Environment

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by, especially when you're usually confined to a one mile radius. I've found that it really helps to collect small bits and pieces that spark feelings, be it bottles, newspaper clippings, or catalogs. I've got all three just in my reach. Okay, so that might make me sound like an alcoholic? I've done a post before about recycling wine bottles to keep flowers, etc in. I've apparently got a few too many, and I've been told it looks problematic. Oh well. They're in my space. Other details could include colors and textures, and even lighting. 

I've also found that if I just submit to my night owl habits, the inspiration floods in after midnight. I've really romanticized the atmosphere in my space at night, but it's like magic, and if it works, it works. Now, this obviously isn't something that would work for everyone, but the atmosphere is my main point. If there's a specific part of the day that you find yourself most inspired by, clear your schedule and create away. Your inspiration, like your work, is whatever you want it to be. How you interpret and romanticize your surroundings is completely up to you.