How To Do Summer Indoors When You Can't Handle Summer

I have a feeling this post will resonate with no one, but we'll see, won't we?

I'm not a Summer person, and if you actually read this blog most days, you're probably sick of the sentiment. I can't handle heat, and I've got enough allergy issues for multiple people. However, I can't help but get caught up in various photos of chateaus and beaches, and cliffs overlooking sparkling oceans. They do seem lovely. 

This year in particular has been rough on my body. I've been dealing with various rough allergy symptoms for about five months now, so I'm not really chancing a Summer outdoors at all. I've come up with a few solutions that have helped (aside from just thinking about Autumn for hours on end). 

Fans - Of course, the air conditioning is almost always running here, but I keep a total of three fans within my reach just in case. This is the first Summer I've had without a carpeted space, and it's glorious. Cold air stays in longer, so I don't always need the extra fans anymore, but I'm playing it safe. The point is to stay cool. Fans are wonderful.

Summery drinks - I've got lemonade here, but there are a ton of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated with. Try to find interesting option on Pinterest (i.e. sherbert mimosas, peach strawberry sangria, raspberry lemonade, blackberry mint limeade). Water too though, that's always important.

Accessories - Throw a beach towel on the floor, maybe some pillows for comfort. Make yourself a little palate to lounge on, like you would lounge on sand or grass. Keep it simple, or go full on indoor tent, the opportunities are endless.

Ocean sounds - This is a year round favorite of mine, but it's totally appropriate for the season. YouTube is a goldmine of hour long (and longer) videos of the ocean. Pull them up, set them to full screen, and enjoy. My personal favorites are here, here, and here.


  1. I cannot deal with intense summer heat so I love this post! All the drinks sound amazing x

    1. Me neither Cara, I'm so glad you can relate!


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