Summer Nights

I have a love/hate affair with Summer. It's closer to hate most of the time, but there's something special about a Summer night. Where Winter nights are still and calm, Summer nights are alive and electric, even if there's not much going on. It's almost a sense of unease, but it's exciting nonetheless. 

Honestly, I've been trying to write more about this for hours, but the words aren't coming to me. Maybe that's the best way to go about this. Summer nights are good for being loud and having fun, but they're even better for staying quiet and pondering. Sure. What do Summer nights mean to you?


  1. It's a little bit pitty that I don't really have lots of fun during summer nights 'cause I'm usually sleeping hahaha. But it is sometimes really great to have a good time with friends or just be calm and look at stars!

    1. Ha! I guess I do forget that everyone isn't a night owl like I am. You're right though! Thanks Ieva!

  2. Beautiful photography! Sometimes you have to let the pictures do all the talking :) x

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