Mixing Maxi Dresses & Patterns

Who's ready to see this dress burn? As I write this, I'm just noticing that I've been including it in posts way too often, and I should really give it a rest. I apologize. However, I had this idea awhile ago, and I thought I'd see it through. I wanted to see how a sheer maxi would look underneath the high split, and I wanted an excuse to wear my old leopard print wedges, that definitely aren't relevant anymore, but I still love them. Remember when everyone wore wedges? And t-shirts as dresses, and Alice Dellal and Pixie Geldof were the "it" models. Actually, people still wear t-shirts as dresses. Forget it. Anyway, I think the combination is fun, and I'd definitely wear it again. Probably with a sweater on top though. There can never be too many layers.


  1. Loved how you styled this dress! Have a lovely day! <3


  2. I love how you did this, I've always been afraid of maxi dresses but you look great

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Thanks Rosy! You should try one some time!

  3. Wear it as many times as you want. That is what favorite dresses are for.


  4. Such a comfy outfit and I love your pictures in this one xx



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