October Edit

I'm feeling a bit whimsical going into October. I've been heavily inspired by Autumn, of course, and the Halloween decorations spread out in my home, believe it or not. There is a very fairy-tale-esqe ghost lady hanging from the ceiling, and she's being called Ophelia. If that doesn't strike a bit of Halloween whimsy, I don't know what does. Most of what I've picked in this edit are things I would throw on under and over a dress, though the statement sleeves on the warehouse dress would definitely have to have their own time to shine without being covered. I'm having fun with my wardrobe right now, is what I'm trying to say, and I'd have all of these pieces in my closet immediately if I could do so.

See anything you like?

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  1. Chunky sweaters for dayssssss. I got so excited to wear one this weekend, then the temperatures went back up on Sunday. :(


    1. The same happened here, but they should be back down by the weekend. I hope it's the same for you Elizabeth!


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