Something Witchy

I totally meant to publish this post yesterday, but I never quite finished it. The bad blogger award goes to me, but in my defense, the post I had originally scheduled for today would probably have fallen flat. It was a nice breather day, where I could catch up on things without panicking, and it honestly made me consider rethinking the whole post every day thing I've had going on for years. Or I'm just reconsidering everything I'm doing with my life, but I'm not trying to go to sleep, so I don't know if that would be the midday case. Either way, I worked at a nice pace and listened to a new (to me) band, and it was a lot easier to focus. I'm getting better at that. It was just a nice day in general.

Anyway, I took these photos last week, and then spent a lot of my weekend watching Harry Potter, so I'm feeling this look even more. A pair of striped knee socks transformed this basic midi-dress-sweater combination into something a little more October appropriate. It was just fun. I'm definitely sticking with ribbon laced boots as well. I think it's officially my new thing. 


  1. Love the boots, it really do work well with the change of shoelace! Definitely hear the HP feeling in this outfit too, love it for October! Xx

  2. That knit looks so cozy! Wow, HP on a weekend. Sounds perfect! I've spent mine watching reruns of Doctor Who xx

    1. It was, but yours sounds pretty great too!


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