One Way To Deal With A Broken Tree Stand

My little tree is a few years old now, and after a particularly rough Summer in 2015, one of the legs of the tree stand melted. It's hilarious, but annoying at the same time, you know? Anyway, last year I covered the wonky leg with a tree skirt, and it wasn't too obvious, but I wanted to go a different route this year. I've noticed that keeping trees in baskets and planters is a rising trend, and I've been swooning over the idea. I originally intended to keep the tree in one of my old terracotta planters, but when discussing this idea with my mother, she suggested an old bucket she had, and some gold spray paint (that she was using at the time of the conversation). 

The wonky leg solution was simple: completely forgo the leg. I spray-painted that old bucket gold, and created the raindrop effect by spraying some water on before the paint. When I went to actually place the tree in said bucket, I used some t-shirts I can do without until January to keep the tree in place. It's a little wobbly still, but it's not something I'm particularly worried about this year. It's an easy fix, and I recommend trying it! It looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.


  1. It was a perfect solution because it looks great! I could never tell the poor tree is missing a leg ahah.

  2. That's such a smart idea!!!

  3. Aww this is so cool :) it looks so beautiful, well done!! xx

  4. The gold bucket stand looks MUCH prettier than a black, plastic leg!


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