What Are Your Opinions On Christmas Cards?

Last year I came into owning a mass of random, blank Christmas cards, and I'm not completely sure what to do with them. I could send them out, but I don't have many people to send them to, or enough to know for sure whether or not I want to put forth the effort. I think they're sweet though, and the idea is sweet. I wonder how many people actually still send Christmas cards. I don't receive any personally, but that doesn't set the standard for the rest of the world. I live in a bubble basically, so I want to know different opinions.

I think I want to get better about sending them out. They're a kind sentiment, so why not? Do you send out Christmas cards, or are they too outdated?


  1. I think Christmas cards are so cute and charming! My parents still gets a lot of cards each year and send out to friends and relatives themselves! Hahah but perhaps it's the older generation that keeps it alive and not us millennials?! Xx


    1. That's so sweet! If it's just our generation, we should change that. It's a shame. Thanks for your input!

  2. Good post! Thanks for sharing :)

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