Etsy Edit

(one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven)

I told you today's post wouldn't be so bitchy!

I haven't shared anything from my Etsy wishlist lately, so I thought an edit was well past due. My favorite pieces lately are bright and Spring-appropriate, sweet/romantic, and slightly risque. Most of the picks ended up being red and pink, which was a well-timed coincidence. Valentine's Day isn't my thing personally, but I can definitely get into the color scheme. It's a nice welcome to Spring, which is nearly here, and I can already feel it in Texas. 

See anything you like?


  1. I really like the chandeliers so much.

  2. I love the Becozi blanket ! This is exactly what I have been looking the past season, thanks so much for sharing !!


  3. Can I have that red oversized blanket?!?! Hehe, imagine that one for Christmas?! I said to my mom the other day (who loves to knit) that we could do a blanket like that together. Like a project. Have no idea how to do it that size though haha, perhaps have to use the arms?! Xx

    1. Doesn't it look luxe?! It was actually around Christmastime when I saved it lol. I think you do have to use your arms!


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