Ten Things I've Been Loving

I've missed sharing miscellaneous photos lately, so I thought I'd do so today, and try to keep the positive vibe going. I have a tendency to fall into ruts where I focus on all of the not-so-nice aspects of life lately, so I thought it would be nice to document some things I've been thoroughly enjoying. I'll look back on this the next time I fall into an aforementioned rut.

1. I've been waking up a couple mornings a week surrounded by my three dogs.
2. The plants around my home are turning green again.
3. I took a different route home the other day, and passed the house I've dreamed of living in since I was a teenager. I've been thinking about it constantly.
4. It's warm enough to go outside without shoes, which means I'm back to only wearing shoes when it's absolutely necessary. 
5. I've had the motivation to keep my toenails cute and painted red.
6. I've been spending my late nights this week reading my favorite book. It ignites the small town living love in my heart.
7. My parents' anniversary is right after Valentine's Day, and though I playfully pretend otherwise, it's nice to see how much they love each other.
8. Spring thunderstorms are rolling in, and they really breathe life into a new year. 
9. I've been listening to an excessive amount of Father John Misty again.
10. The dreamiest thing about my little space is sunlight filtering in through sheer curtains.

What are some things you've been loving lately?


  1. That's a lovely list of moments and gratitude. I've been enjoying waking up with my cat in bed, it's something sweet and fragile with animals choosing to sleep by your side, right? Love it! Xx


    1. There's something wonderful about it. I'm glad you can relate, and thank you Mia!


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