Five Ways to Overcome a Blog Rut

The real key is not to freak out about it. Stay calm, it'll pass, and work through it.

I go through blogging ruts every other month, if not once a month. It's incredibly annoying, and probably stems from a combination of boredom and insecurity. That's just me though. Blogging ruts are just creative ruts, and they can happen for a range of reasons, both identifiable and not. Here are five things I've been doing to help ease myself out of blogging ruts recently:

Buy/Create a New Layout - When 2017 hit, I almost immediately felt like my blog looked outdated. That stuck with me for a few months, until I final broke and changed my layout. I feel like the new look is way more professional and sophisticated, and a lot less Tumblr. The new layout subsequently led to a surge of post inspiration. I want to create content worthy of such a nice layout.

Take a Break: I sort of did this in January. I posted three days a week instead of five. This can be interpreted in any way you want though. Don't feel like blogging for a week? Don't. It's that easy. Just take a break. Take some time, and come back refreshed. It's helpful, and not as big a deal as it seems.

Inspiration - My primary sources of inspiration come from my surroundings, Pinterest (of course), and other blogs. However, I would never copy anyone, ever, and you shouldn't either. Take inspiration, and twist it to make it something original and totally you. Don't take tip posts too seriously either. There doesn't have to be a strict outline for your blog. It's what you make it, not what others say you should.

Brainstorming - This is something I do multiple times a week. As someone who loves list making and organizing, this is a genuinely fun process. Showers are good for brainstorming as well. Get a notebook specifically for your blog, and write down everything that comes to mind.

Change of Scenery - This is a big one for me, that I somehow forget about all the time. Working from a different space guaranteed to give me a surge of inspiration. Depression sometimes gets to me, and I'll work from my bed at most, but this is always a bad idea. It's best to move to a different room, or even outside. Coffee shops and cafes work wonders for others as well. Try it out!

Do you have any tips for blogging ruts? Let's talk about it!


  1. Great post and tips. Hope you are having a great day! Gemma x

  2. Great tips Amber. A change of scenery and/or taking a break can do wonders for any type of 'rut' - including blogging! Also, totally agree how fab it can be to get a new blog design/layout; sprucing up a space (even if it's online!) can be so refreshing :)

  3. Absolutely loved this post Amber! One moment I can feel totally inspired and rejuvenated when it comes to all things blogging but more often than not I'm riddled with doubts and worries which can really make blogging less and less appealing. I agree a change of scene can make all the difference. At the moment I'm at home a lot and now it's warmer getting outside in the garden works wonder for my inspo levels. When I first got my new blog layout I felt tons more inspired to create posts and keep the momentum of my blog going and I totally agree that Pinterest is full of so much inspiration <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post Sophie!


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