March Edit

I'm still really into red this month, sorry 'bout it. It's also been unseasonably warm already over here, so my mini-dress appreciation is bigger than it's been in ages. When you mix the two, it's a special kind of wonderful. I'm looking at you For Love & Lemons. Of course, I don't play favorites with the edits, and I want all of these pieces in my collection immediately. Though this month's selection isn't as full as the last few months have been, it's no less swoon-worthy, at least in my own opinion. 

I suppose I'm into warm colors in general right now, and plenty of white to brighten everything up even more. The timing is entirely appropriate. Flowers and trees are beginning to come back to life, and the bright colors will keep everyone sane when storm season fully hits, and I fear it'll be a doozy this year.

See anything you like?


  1. Adorei esses itens! Fiquei apaixonada pelo chapéu!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

  2. Love your theme!! These pieces are gorgeous, I love colors! Red has never looked good on me, blush pink looks much better with my skin, but maybe I'll try to rock something red because who cares! These are beautiful!


  3. Oh yes to all the orange/red shades! Pretty shades for spring indeed, and I love that orange Asos dress. So good! For love & Lemons also look like a gem! Hahah is it weird if I want to drink lemonade in it and have a cute hat, lol?! Xx

    Have a lovely March Amber! Xx

  4. Ahhh, yeah, that asos dress is doing all kinds of things to my eyes right now. Swoon!


  5. I need that Asos dress! It's so gorgeous!


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