No Sew Spring Bunting

After setting my sights on one too many strings of bunting in the Spring decor aisles of multiple shops (I'm looking at you Target), I knew I had to make my own. As with everything else I make, it looks homemade on purpose. The uneven edges look sweet, at least to me, and it's all in my bedroom, so I'm really the only one who cares anyway. All it took was a bit of twine, old scrap fabric (so old, some of it was used on my baby blanket) that I ironed at three in the morning with a hair flatiron, and a borrowed hot glue gun. The burns were worth it, and I think the result is perfect for my space this time of year. I'm thinking about finding some burlap for an Autumn look in September...

Would you try making your own instead of buying it?