On Loss

I'm aware that this week's posts have been lacking, but let me explain.

Loss in the form of death is something I luckily avoided for the most part throughout adolescence. However, since I reached adulthood, I've been figuratively punched in the face. In the last few years I've lost a cousin, a grandfather, and last week I lost one of my beloved dogs. Those who know me are aware of my obsession with my dogs. They're my world.

A month or so ago, Izzy had a seizure and was rushed to the animal hospital. We found out that night that she had cancer, and there was nothing we could really do about it. She died Thursday morning, in the arms of my father, who was without a doubt her favorite. I've never felt the loss of a pet before, and it's unlike anything. I can't compare it to anything. A piece of my heart is missing, and there's an obvious hole in our day-to-day lives. I'm not sure when I'll adjust.

I had an entire look planned for this week, and a different topic to write about. When I went to take the photos for this post, I couldn't even bring myself to get dressed. I figured I should just be honest. I'm experiencing loss like I've never known. However, I've been gaining more and more motivation this week, so everything will perk up then. Thanks for sticking around anyway.


  1. I suspected that so was the case, and I'm so sorry that it's true Amber. I can't imagine what it is like losing an animal. My cat is only 3 years old and my heart aches only thinking about the day he won't be with me. With that said, it must be absolutely terrible to not have your dog with you. I hate when people say that "it's only an animal" because animals like dogs and cats often lives with us humans so closely that they become a part of us. I spend more time with my cat than any person, so of course they have a big place in our hearts and lives.

    I hope that you'll find strength in your grief and you'll allow the process to take time. Do what only you feel like doing and one step a day is more than okey! Sending love <3


    1. You're incredibly kind Mia, thank you for the love!

  2. Not sure if there is anything I can say to contribute to this post aside from reading it. Thanks for the honesty.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Izzy. I've never had a pet, but I can imagine and appreciate the bond that develops - especially over so many years. I hope you find some comfort in knowing she died well and truly loved, and in your dad's arms.


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  5. I'm so sorry....I know I'm replying to this late, but it is so hard to lose a trusted and loyal friend. I've lost pets too, and the hurt never goes away. We will always remember them...


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