Would You Ever Try Free Bleeding

I'd heard of free bleeding before, ages ago, and it was something that was being celebrated and positively discussed. I wanted to do a little bit of research before writing this, and I stumbled across multiple articles about a Reddit hoax and the idea of free bleeding being used to mock women. Fuck that. Let's pretend that whole mess doesn't exist.

Free bleeding is fascinating to me. If you didn't know, it's when someone forgoes menstrual products when on their period. To me, it promotes period and environmental positivity. I've adopted it, but only partially. You have to understand that I think of my period as something to be cherished and held dear. I'm 22. I'm practically a kid still, but I have to think about my future where my reproductive system is concerned. I have a close family history of conception struggles, and that's something I'm afraid of experiencing myself.

I wrote about my experience with birth control awhile ago, and my period is only just starting to resemble what it was pre-pill. That means I spent six months panicking over extremely light periods. Now that I'm not as worried about it, I want to celebrate my cycle even more. I'm happy that my period starts every month. It's a sign that I'm healthy. It represents a distant future.

During the six month light cycle period (for lack of a better word), I stopped bothering with pads (I'm a pad girl, sorry 'bout it). There wasn't really a point, because there wasn't enough blood to warrant wasting a product that contributes to my trash output and cash throwaway. That's another important point. I'm a big fan of anything that helps me produce less garbage and save money.

My first heavier period this year was at the end of March, and it was a shock. I'd been going pad-less, and I suddenly had a pair of blood soaked underwear to deal with. Luckily, I'd just just woken up, and had no pants to worry about. Anyway, I actually had to pause for a moment, because I wasn't sure if I even wanted to use a pad. The underwear were already ruined, right?

I caved. I caved, wore a pad, and felt uncomfortable about it for the rest of the day. 

This really got me thinking about free bleeding, and the possibility of easing myself into the habit somehow. I work from home, so I don't have to worry about public spaces if I don't want to. There's really no reason I shouldn't give it a go. I'm just not sure.

For now, I'm just not wearing anything when the cycle is light, ie as I write this post. 

I want other opinions though. What do you think about free bleeding? Have you heard of it before? Would you try it?


  1. Wow. Liked reading this. Feel like more people should discuss it. I've heard of free bleeding. Never tried it because I just can't imagine it going well. I feel like I would get blood on everything? Lately, though, I've been re-thinking the pad/tampon issue, and feeling strongly about getting rid of pads + tampons. They annoy me, they contribute so much waste, and wtf am I putting in my body anyway?

    I think in my head, ideally, I would love to free bleed, but it's not something I see as practical for everyday life. I feel like something that feels close to free bleeding is a Diva Cup? I haven't done a ton of research but it seems so much less wasteful and more practical and less obtrusive than pads + tampons.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This reminded me that I need to buy a diva cup before my period starts next month. :)


    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post Maria! I completely understand free bleeding not being practical. I'm on the fence about a diva cup, but it's something else I've been thinking about. I hope it works for you!

  2. I had never heard of free bleeding before! I think that if it's something people are comfortable with, they should definitely give it a go. But for me I don't think it could be an option, since I'm always outside; I'd be constantly worried about getting my clothes dirty!
    Great post, lovely :)

    1. That's understandable! I'm glad to open your mind to it anyway Marta!

  3. This was so interesting! It's so refreshing to see someone talk about something real. I don't think I would ever free bleed, but its a practice I can respect and want to learn more about.

    Thank you for talking about this and starting a conversation!

    - Danielle | daringlydani.wixsite.com/dragongirl

    1. I appreciate your willingness to learn more! Thank you Danielle!


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