Dreamy Organic Soaps from Reverie Farms

As I've gotten older, I've become more and more interested in both finding vegan and/or organic beauty and health products, and creating less waste. Both topics are extremely important to me. 

Enter Reverie Farms. This is a company that is local to me, though don't have to be local to purchase their products. They offer a range of foaming soaps and bar soaps, a sugar scrub, lip balm, and even laundry soap. The products are all eco-friendly, natural, organic, and affordable. What's not to love about that?

I've had the chance to test out the lavender foaming hand soap and the "Sensitive Shea" bar soap, and I'm highly impressed. 

I've used the bar soap as body wash four times so far. Bar soap is great for creating less waste. I'd been using another bottled brand purely for the scent, but I would pick this bar first any day. There isn't much of a scent in this specific bar, at least to me, but it's exfoliating, and it leaves my skin noticeably soft for longer. I even made my mother rub my arm, and she was pretty impressed. It's been lovely for my extremely sensitive skin. It really lives up to the name.

I've been using the foaming soap every day for nearly two weeks, and it's so much better than the basic, unscented hand soap I was using before. I can feel the oils after each use, in a moisturized way. My hands feel softer, and I don't think it's a trick of the mind. The lavender scent is strong and natural. When I say natural, I mean that it smells like you're outside among the flowers. Personally, I love that scent. I have a sentimental connection to it. However, if you prefer sweet lavender scents, this specific scent probably isn't for you. Try peppermint instead!

Reverie Farms is a genuine operating farm, and if you're ever in the Argyle, TX area, they offer tours and fresh eggs along with all of the products I mentioned above. I've quickly become a big fan (in case that wasn't obvious), and I promise I haven't been paid to ramble so positively. I'll definitely continue to use their soaps in the future.

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  1. These products sounds lovely! Yes to organic and vegan products that also smells heavily. I use a lavender soap too atm and I just love the scent, it's so good! Hope you're having a lovely week Amber! Xx


    1. They're wonderful, you should try them! Thanks Mia!

  2. The lavender foaming hand soap sounds lovely, and ideal for popping on the side of any basin. I may be biased though, because I find anything Lavender-scented ridiculously beautiful! Lovely review, Amber :)


    1. It's a gorgeous product Gabrielle!

  3. After reading about your skin struggles on your blog, if you say it's good for the skin, I'm 100% on board and trust your recommendation. I'd love to try that bar soap out!


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