Edit: From My Etsy Favorites

I've fallen into an Etsy hole again. I initially went to look for supplies for things, and ended up finding a good handful of items I think I need, including the seven listed and linked above. Most of the pieces lean towards the cute/statement piece side of things, and the sugar scrub just sounds interesting.

On another note, I've had an incredibly scatterbrained week. I've lost track of time like no other, I've only been falling asleep in the afternoons, and yesterday I might have mistaken the word "holiday" to mean the November-December festive season, instead of holiday as in a Summer vacation. This was in an email. I am losing it y'all.

I've also been thinking about the festive Holiday season a lot lately. That's my excuse. 

Anyway, have you found any neat products on Etsy recently?


  1. Oh all of these things sounds/looks so lovely! Hahah I want it all too tbh and definitely that scrub. Basil/mint sounds like quite the combination! Haha I don't blame you for thinking about the festive Holiday season though, it's the best part of life sort of. Haha well well, hope you'll feel back on track soon though! Xx


  2. Love!


  3. These are great, and items that I'd love! I've been having holiday on the brain, but I definitely mean a trip to paradise. haha. Love that woven basket. <3 /Madison

    1. The English language has some flaws lol. I'm so glad you like the picks Madison!


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