I Haven't Shown My Face in Three Weeks

I haven't shown my face here in three weeks. Almost on the dot, I think. 

I've been incredibly insecure. I'm not sure why, but my body and my mental state are going through some changes, and I hope that's all that's going on. I'm on a higher dosage anti-depressant now, so let's all just see where that goes. 

I think seasonal depression is settling in now as well. I've been watching/listening to Halloween and Christmas themed things, and I'm honestly planning out my Summer in hopes that it passes quickly. This is probably an extremely unpopular opinion, but I am not a Summer person. Hence pretending I can still get away with wearing a sweater. I can't. It looks nice though.

Anyway, this is why I haven't shown my face. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't know if I should just do more posts without myself as the subject, or if I should just suck it up. 

I'm sure this happens to so many bloggers. Posting photos of yourself isn't always an easy thing to do. Fellow bloggers, what do you do when you're feeling insecure? Let's chat.


  1. Girl, I'm feeling you. Even though I love May, or love the idea of loving May, I've been feeling so down lately. It was only today I felt truly happy and grateful for summer, but more that it feels like a new chapter rather than the actual summer thing. It perhaps also comes back to the idea of "having a great summer" and being able to state in September that you had a lovely one. But we'll make it, I'm sure we will!

    You love all those late nights, and watching the sunrise etc? So include a lot of that. And do summer themed illustrations! More summer fashion in your next edit? Just trying to stick to the things we really do love about the summer and make the most of that. And in September you and I can start talking about Christmas, tea, rain, orange leaves etc. Hahah sounds like a plan? Xx


    1. I think if I can just get through June, it'll all be fine. I'll be busy enough after lol. I can't make any promises about loving Summer.


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