Reusing Tiny Liquor Bottles

I hope you all had a lovely weekend/three day weekend/Memorial Day/bank holiday/whatever it was to you. You get what I mean. 

I myself spent a lot of time thinking about Halloween, I won't lie. I watched a Halloween cartoon. I made an executive hair decision. I sat outside in the rain and drank a lot of iced coffee. I cleaned my bathroom and spent an entire hour looking at gift possibilities for my niece. She turns one in July, holy cow.

I swooned over Gucci.

It was a relaxing weekend overall, and I feel a lot more calm about what I'm doing right now. I think my personal space is affecting me as well, in the best way. I'm loving the gallery wall - that is nearly finished by the way. I want to hang some flowers to dry, but it'll take awhile for this lady on a budget. 

I'm also loving my dresser top display of faux flowers in wine bottles. You can peek that here. I saved this little lemon liquor bottle (gifted from my mom, and it didn't last long), to use as a bud vase. I think tiny vessels like this are great for everyone. It's perfect for finding fallen blooms or picking the perfect flower from its stem (but don't forget to thank the plant!). 

My rose bush is currently about to bloom all over again, so the few remaining flowers were reaching the end of their cycle. However, a slightly wilted rose is better than no rose, don't you think?


  1. I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend. The flower in the tiny bottles looks wonderful.


  2. I think there's a real charm and beauty about a flower that's wilting and on its final days. But that's just me! I love this utilisation of miniatures. I've seen people using old perfume bottles as vases and always wanted to do the same but I never let myself get right down to the bottom of a bottle. Or if I do I end up throwing it out.


    1. I agree! I'd actually love to hand some bouquets to dry eventually. I hope you do eventually get around to reusing a bottle or two!


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