Updated Bedroom Details

Last month I posted about creating an atmosphere after living in this space for three years, because better late than never, right? Well, the space is coming along nicely. 

I've pulled out my faux flowers and wine bottles to set out on my dresser. I've also started a collection of hanging real flowers and bits of trees to dry among the fake. I've adopted three floral prints that once belonged to my great grandparents, and they fit along my gallery wall flawlessly. 

The small plants died again, so I don't have any of those scattered around anymore, but the flowers and plants outside are flourishing and spreading, so I'm not too upset about it.

Of course, there are still a few things yet to be done. I patched holes from nails and tacks weeks ago, and I still have yet to paint over them. I'm in the process of making bunting for the window, and one of my cabinets needs to be rearranged.

There's such a strong effect already. I finally have a space to exist, and I can focus more on making things happen now, instead of trying to stay as packed up and panicking because I haven't moved on. Dwelling on the negative isn't good for anyone.


  1. That floral print could not be more perfect with the plants in your room. I love the idea of using old wine and glass bottles as vases. I'm getting a bit of a rustic, homey vibe from this!

    1. Thanks Alyse, and you should save some bottles and try it out! That's just the vibe I wanted!

  2. It must feel so amazing to have a space that you feel comfortable in and one in which inspires you creatively too. I love florals; fresh florals. Nothing more inspiring than a lovely bloom or two. Enjoy your space lovely.



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